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Stories and Testimonials

Patient’s Stories

Frank’s Story – Frank was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and was advised to immediately start chemotherapy. It made him sick and miserable and took away his will to live. When he learned about a new biological therapy through Cancer Monthly that had a superior survival rate and quality of life, he shared the information with his doctor. His doctor reviewed the study and agreed that this was something Frank could try. Frank did. While it’s too early to tell what the ultimate outcome will be, Frank has none of the debilitating side effects he had before. He feels much stronger and positive after he switched therapies.
Ruth’s Story – For her cancer, Ruth’s doctor recommended a type of hormone therapy. It caused her to have hot flushes and back pain. She hated the side effects and doubted the effectiveness of the treatment. She wondered if she was doing the right thing. She researched other treatments on Cancer Monthly and was surprised to find that the therapy she was on had a superior survival rate to many other treatments. She also found that the other therapies were actually more toxic. This “comparison shopping” gave her renewed confidence in her doctor and her doctor’s recommendation. She stayed on the therapy feeling more optimistic and so far has done well.

Robert's Story – Robert’s father and mother both died from cancer and he had watched as the chemotherapy and radiation slowly poisoned them. Now, Robert had cancer and he was fearful.  His doctor had recommended chemo and radiation for him.  He had started the radiation and it was going okay, but he really did not want to do chemo. He found his treatment in Cancer Monthly and read how the addition of chemo really made no difference to the outcome for the majority of patients. He also found another treatment listed in the Cancer Monthly database which combined radiation with immunotherapy. This approach had been less toxic and had outcomes slightly better than the chemo protocol he was on. He shared all of this with his doctor and his doctor agreed that the immunotherapy could be a good therapy for him, but that he would have to get it from a different oncologist across town. Robert decided to do it and is excited about using an approach that stimulates his immune system.

Stephanie’s Story – Stephanie used Cancer Monthly to review survival rates and side effects for different treatments for her cancer. She was surprised and disappointed to learn that the therapy that her doctor recommended had a terrible survival rate. Even worse -- four patients who had been given this same treatment had actually died from the treatment itself and not their cancer. Another eye-opener was that for her cancer there really were no good therapies with encouraging results. With all the facts in front of her she had a long conversation with her oncologist in which he admitted there was little he could offer her. Stephanie had been interested in alternative medicine and found a holistic doctor. She decided to go down the “alternative road” and so far as “beaten the odds.”

Actual Testimonials

Thank you for your work in compiling this information and presenting it in a way that lay people can easily understand.
- Sharon D. 1/12/05 

The site is easy to navigate and the information is clear, concise and most importantly useful. My father-in-law has lung cancer and just had his first round of chemo. Your site made it easy for me to get the information on his treatment protocol for which I have previously been surfing and surfing and surfing.
- Tania B. 1/6/05 

As a nurse I think this website can be a valuable aid to patients as well as health professionals, and because it isn't financed by any drug companies you know that they don't have an axe to grind or an agenda to push.
- Diane L. 2/12/05 

Many thanks to you for creating the web site, Cancer Monthly…I send you blessings and thanks for transforming your sadness into helping others.
- Alicia B. 1/9/05

I can only imagine how much work is involved in this. It is wonderful of all of you to help so many people. God Bless
- Mickey G. 1/8/05

I think that your Website is very helpful.  I am a cancer patient currently treated at UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (in Houston)
- Kathy L. 1/7/05

I was just introduced to your site, I find it superb…
- James B.  11/1/05

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with what you are doing with your Cancer Monthly Web site…What you are doing will undoubtedly save many lives and provide comfort to countless others.
- Richard M. 1/3/05

Professional’s Stories

Cancer Monthly summarizes the clinical results of many recent cancer trials. It has been used by thousands of clinicians and over 150 of the largest and most prestigious hospitals in the world.

Dr. Whitehead’s Story – Dr. Whitehead uses Cancer Monthly to make sure that he is up on the latest results from clinical oncology trials. While he knows that Cancer Monthly does not include every single trial ever performed, he appreciates that it has hundreds of the most recent trials in its database. He uses Cancer Monthly as a time saver.  He can get the clinical results of a new therapy with a few clicks. This is a lot less than the 20 minutes it would take him to find, read and digest the full article. While it doesn’t sound like a lot of time, Cancer Monthly actually saves him several hours a week which is more time that he can spend with his patients.

Myra’s Story – Myra is a RN who works on 4 East which is the oncology floor. She works with many patients with advanced and metastatic cancer. She uses Cancer Monthly for two purposes. First, as a type of continuing education to educate herself about the results of the latest clinical trials for cancer. Second, when she learns that one of her patients or one of her patient’s family members is active in doing research on the internet, she gives them the web address for Cancer Monthly. She instructs them that any treatments they find of interest should be shared with their doctor. These patients have often thanked her for giving them a referral to such a powerful and credible research tool.

Note: These stories are composites of patient’s and doctor’s stories.

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