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Small and Powerful Steps to Wellness

Small and Powerful Steps to Wellness

Most cancer patients face the daunting task of selecting the appropriate treatment. For some patients, getting better means doing no more and no less than what the doctor ordered. For others, it means trying to heal their lifestyle by examining their diet and stress and other aspects of their life. For the latter group, it is often difficult to change what they eat and how they prepare their food.

In this series of articles we present information written by Laura Combs. Laura describes how her family made drastic changes to their diet and consumption. These articles are very informative and inspirational for anyone seeking to change their lifestyle and diet. However, please note that these articles are not medical advice and do not present a cancer diet. The articles are only here to describe how one family changed their lifestyle in order to address their own unique health challenges.

  1. How and Why One Family Started
  2. How We Did It Affordably
  3. Pushing the Envelope to Fight Health Saboteurs